Fresh produce and the very best of traditional cuisine

The Hotel del Oso’s restaurant offers top-quality cuisine based on the freshest seasonal produce and traditional Cantabrian dishes such as its celebrated cocido lebaniego, a local stew whose core ingredients are pork, beef, chickpeas and spring greens, for which it has become very well-known since its opening in 1980 and widely recognized for its key role in the revival of traditional local cooking in Cantabria.


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The dining room has a seating capacity of eighty.

Mousse de yogurt

Products specialties with carefully chosen quality and preparation .

Ensalada de verduras

Would you like to know some of our favourite recipes?


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6 days ago

Hotel del Oso

Imagen de Potes hoy.
Recordar que este viernes, desde las 13 horas, el desfiladero de La Hermida está abierto hasta el próximo lunes a las 00:00 horas.

1 week ago

Hotel del Oso

Esperando, pacientemente, que se abra la olla del cocido ...

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