Ingredients (for 4 people):

A  Ingredients to be cooked in the pot
500g/1lb. 1oz. of dried chickpeas
200g/7oz. of veal shank
200g/7oz. slab of cured pork belly
5 chorizos (one to be used with the accompaniment)
200g/7oz. chunk of salted streaky bacon
1 cured ham bone
1 chunk of dry-cured beef
1 pig’s ear, or slice of pig’s snout
B  Ingredients for the accompaniment
200g/7oz. of breadcrumbs, preferably homemade
Handful of finely chopped fresh parsley
5 or 6 eggs
A piece of the cured pork belly from the pot
1 chorizo
Olive oil.
C  Ingredients for the spring greens
Olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of smoked sweet paprika
Spring greens or, if unavailable, a cabbage.
D  Ingredients for the consommé
The stock from cooking the chickpeas.

1  The night before, place the chickpeas to soak in warm water and put the ham bone, the dry-cured beef and the pig’s snout or ear to soak in cold water.
2  In the morning, drain the chickpeas, place under running water and then drain them again.
3  Put the chickpeas in the pot and the rest of the ingredients on top of them in the following order: dry-cured beef, veal shank, ham bone, cured pork belly, salted streaky bacon, chorizos and the ear or snout.
4  Just cover the ingredients with water, add salt, close the lid and allow it to cook for three and a half hours.
5  While the chickpeas are cooking, wash and then chop the spring greens and cook them in water with a pinch or two of salt.
6  Once the spring greens are cooked, drain them and dress them with oil which has been fried up with two cloves of garlic and seasoned with smoked sweet paprika.
7  Carefully remove from the pot and set aside the dry-cured beef, veal shank, ham bone, cured pork belly, salted streaky bacon, chorizos and the ear or snout, taking care that none of them fall apart so that the chickpeas are left without any traces of the meats which they were cooked with.
8  Strain the chickpeas to separate out the stock which will be used to make the noodle consommé. The stock will be very rich, with a strong flavour and a reddish colour. Now cook the noodles in it.
9  The accompaniment is prepared by mixing the breadcrumbs with the beaten eggs and the chorizo, parsley and a small chunk of the salted streaky bacon, all finely chopped.
10  This mixture is fried up in olive oil over a low heat, using a spoon to form it into small oval-shaped ‘dumplings’. It’s important then to brown them and make sure that they’re spongy inside so that when they’re added to the consommé, they soak it up well.
11  Plate up and serve: the consommé can be served on its own as the first course or at the same time as the stewed meats. All the remaining ingredients should be heaped up on a large dish so that half of it is covered with the chickpeas, a quarter with the spring greens and the other quarter with the dry-cured beef, the cured pork belly, the salted streaky bacon, the chorizo and the ear or snout.

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