Cabbage: cut very finely (with a slicing tool, if you have one) and season it with salt, vinegar and olive oil two or three hours before serving, to allow it to marinate for a while.

Tomatoes and dried peppers: blanch the tomatoes, peel them, cut them into quarters and remove the seeds, then put them on an oven tray and cook them for an hour at 100ºC/212ºF. In the meantime, fry up some sliced garlic in olive oil, to flavour the oil, and then remove the garlic. Once the tomatoes are ready, pour the flavoured oil on top of them. Then roast the fresh peppers until their skins begin to blacken, remove them, peel them, de-seed them, slice them up and add them to the oil and tomatoes.

Nuts: shell them and roast them at 170ºC/340ºF for eight minutes.
Cheeses: whip up some Picón Bejes-Tresviso cheese (or the most local blue cheese that you have available) together with a little bit of cream. Then cut the semi-cured cheeses (goat’s cheese and smoked cheese) into small cubes.

Vinaigrette: mix together the cheeses and the nuts, and dress with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Vegetable slices: cut the carrots, cauliflower and broccoli into very thin slices (with the appropriate tool, if you have one) and put them into iced water to keep them crunchy until you need them.

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